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Niassa Reserve

Niassa, Mozambique

Niassa Reserve is a nature reserve in Cabo Delgado Province and Niassa Province, Mozambique. Covering over 42,000 square kilometres, it is the largest protected area in the country. The reserve is part of the Trans-Frontier Conservation Area and links to the Tanzanian Lukwika-Lumesule Game Reserve.

Thanks to a series of interconnected reserves that run from the meanders of the Ruvuma River in northern Mozambique all the way to the famous Selous Game Reserve of Tanaznia, the Niassa Reserve now plays a part in one of the largest international conservation areas on the planet.

That also means that the vast area of miombo woods and rugged rock bluffs is home to some serious biodiversity, with the likes of the African lion, the African elephant and packs of wild dogs all roaming the breathtaking landscapes.

A clutch of eco lodges and ethical tourism camps are now popping up here, attracting safari-goers eager to see the frontline of African preservation.

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