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Mozambique Island Viewing Tour

Mozambique Island Viewing Tour Packages
Mozambique - 14 Nights / 15 Days- Overland . .
Country: Mozambique
City: Ilha De Mozambique
Duration: 15 Day(s) - 14 Night(s)
Tour Category: Adventure Tours
Departure Date: Thu 01 Jan '99

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USD 7,800 / Per Person

Package Itinerary

Mozambique - 14 Nights / 15 Days- Overland

Unique Tour Package-Island Hopping and Game Viewing!

Day 1: All Meals- Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner –Included.

Fly Johannesburg=JHB / Maputo (Mozambique Airport)!

Pickup at Maputo airport and transfer to Hotel.

Overnight in Maputo.

Day 2: All Meals- Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner- Included.

Depart after breakfast for viewing of the game in the Maputo Special Reserve - Maputo Game Drive, a packed lunch en route or a late lunch at Anvil Bay, and afternoon at leisure.

Overnight at Guest Lodge.

Day 3: All Meals- Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner –Included.

Depart after a healthy breakfast for the day’s activities cost!

Optional extras-according to Season- Own Cost!

1. Dune Forest Trails.

You are not limited to just strolling on the beach! We are situated in a coastal forest and there are stunning walks where one can explore the inland areas, Ponta Chemokine, and go for a Game Drive. Whether you are a keen birder who would like to spot an elusive feathered friend or you just want to take a relaxing stroll to the nearby lake and view the resident Hippos there are plenty of options for you. If you prefer you can explore by yourself, just ask for directions, or a guide can accompany you to show you the route.

2. Beach Walks.

With miles of stunning unspoiled coastline north and south of our bay, you can walk as far as you like and are unlikely to come across another soul. There are some beautiful ocean and sunset viewpoints atop some of the world’s highest coastal dunes.

3. Ocean Safari.

Go on a safari experience with a difference! Set sail on a purpose-designed boat for a 2-hour leisurely cruise along the coastline in search of marine animals big and small. Dolphins are frequent visitors to our shores, as are turtles and the occasional Whale shark and manta Ray.

Depending on the circumstances and the behavior of the animal it may also be possible to enter the water and interact with some of these magnificent creatures. In-season humpback whales can also be encountered up close and personal during their annual migration. Subject to sea conditions. Participants must be able to swim.

4. Turtle Nesting Walks (Seasonal)

From late October to late January each year we are exceptionally privileged to witness the nesting of both Loggerhead and Leatherback turtles. The emergence of the hatchlings occurs from December through to late March. Anvil Bay participates in the turtle monitoring program and guests can take a guided turtle tour where with luck you’ll be able to view turtles laying their eggs.

Leatherhead Turtle - Loggerhead Turtle

5. Whale Watching (Seasonal)!

From July to November Every Year the Southern Hemisphere Humpback Whales make their annual migration along the Mozambican coastline on their way to and from their winter breeding grounds. Keep an eye out for the telltale blow as they surface to breathe, or perhaps you will be lucky enough to witness them breaching lob tailing or pec rolling. The whales can be easily sighted directly from shore but if you would like to get a closer look then join us for an Ocean safari in season.

Overnight at Guest Lodge.

Day 4: All Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner –Included.

Depart after breakfast and do item 1, as per Day 3, which could be a Dune Forest walk or Beach walks, these include a guide for valued explanations of Flora and Fauna life. Lunch at the Resort and depart for Maputo.

Overnight at Maputo.

Day 5: All Meals- Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner-Included.

Depart after breakfast and do the Maputo – City Tour, The places to visit include Central Market + Train Station + Fortress + Iron House + Natural History Museum + Fish Market + Craft Market + Traditional Dancing Performance.

Overnight at Maputo.

Day 6: All Meals Included.

Maputo (previously called Lourenco Marques) is the sprawling capital of Mozambique with a population of about two million people and a large harbor. Under Portuguese influence, Lourenzo Marques became one of Africa's most beautiful and fashionable cities with an impressive skyline of tall buildings and a cosmopolitan Portuguese/African atmosphere.

We will visit the Praca, the star-shaped structure in the center of the plaza that holds the remains of Mozambique's revolutionary and post-independence heroes. The most important landmark is the Fort of Nossa Senhora da Conceiao (Our Lady of Conception), which was the nucleus of the original settlement. Another imposing building is the Central Railway Station, an enormous structure that looks more like a palace for kings than a siding for commuters. We also visited the Central Market and the Museum of Natural History.

An interesting and instructive aspect of Maputo is its public art, largely focused on revolutionary themes and often expressed as a mural. Many of the city's murals were painted following independence from Portugal. This new period was marked by spontaneity, and many colorful and complex murals were painted, the most famous of which is the 95m (285 ft) long mural opposite the Praca dos Herois Mocambicanos, commemorating the Revolution.

We also include a walking tour through Mafalala Bairro, which focuses on exploring the area’s rich historical and cultural roots. It includes a stop at a local Curandeiro (healer) and possibly a traditional dance performance.

Experience the nightlife in Maputo, with a local guide and taste traditional Mozambican food, going out and visiting a Pub or local Tavern is a must!

Overnight in Maputo.

Day 7: All meals –Included! Domestic Flight. Be prepared to step out of your comfort zone, as the city reminds you of going 100 years back in time, a very basic and simple lifestyle!

This morning we depart for Nampula in northern Mozambique and then travel by road +/- three hours east to Ilha de Mozambique (Mozambique Island), a World Heritage site. Prior to 1898, this was the capital of colonial Portuguese East Africa. With its rich history and sandy beaches, the island is one of Mozambique's fastest-growing tourist destinations island was a major Arab port and boat building in the years before Vasco da Gama visited in 1498.

The name of the island is derived from Musa Al Big, an Arab trader who first visited the island and later lived there. This name was subsequently taken to the mainland country which is modern-day Mozambique, and the island was renamed Ilha de Mocambique (Island of Mozambique).

The Portuguese established a port and naval base in 1507 and built the Chapel of Nossa Senhora de Baluarte in 1522. During the sixteenth century, Fort São Sebastião was built, and the Portuguese settlement (known as Stone Town) became the capital of Portuguese East Africa as well as an important missionary center. It withstood Dutch attacks in 1607 and 1608 and remained a major port for the Portuguese on their trips to India.

Overnight in the vicinity of Ilha de Mozambique.

Day 8: All Meals Included!

The island in itself is not very big, about 3 km long and between 200 and 500 meters wide. Most historical buildings are at the island's northern end. The majority of the residents live in reed houses in Makuti Town at the southern end of the island. We have a full day here to explore this tiny island on foot with its collection of historic buildings.

The Palace and Chapel of São Paulo, built in 1610 as a Jesuit College and subsequently used as the Governor's Residence is now a museum. The Museum of Sacred Art, housed in the Church of the Misericórdia run by the House of Mercy, displays an excellent Makonde crucifix. Other historic buildings include the Church of Santo António, the Church of the Misericórdia, and the Chapel of Nossa Senhora de Baluarte. The island, now entirely urbanized, is also home to several mosques and a Hindu temple.

During our time here, we will also board the Arab-style dhow boats to explore one of the neighboring islands and spend time in the local town. After lunch travels back to Nampula, for an early flight the next morning.

Overnight in Maputo

Day 9: All Meals Included!

Depart after breakfast and visit Maputo's local beaches, restaurants, and local Taverns/Pub- a day at leisure, shopping for curious and interacting, with the Mozambican people!

Overnight in Maputo.

Day 10: All Meals Included!

Early start 06H45 depart Hotel!

Please the ferry only runs on Wednesdays, Fridays, and Sundays hours.

Depart after breakfast, for Katembe Wharf and catch the ferry or even take an adventure cruise in a Dhow, for Inhaca Island! Sitting 33km due east from the capital of Mozambique which is Maputo is a sub-tropical island that measures 12km by 7km. It is speculated that Vasco Da Gama would have sighted Inhaca island in 1497/98.

The island was used as a trading post in the 1500s mainly for the ivory trade, however, one of the most interesting features throughout the period of Portuguese trading was its fame as a haven of refuge for shipwrecked mariners who were working their way up the coast from the south.

After indescribable hardships suffered on the long coast journey on foot, they always found the natives of Inhaca friendly and helpful. The first of these shipwrecks was the Galleon S. JOAO’ in 1552. This little island has been inhabited by local tribes for hundreds of years and has seen ups and downs political strife and economic woes. Area of the island: 52 Km2.The island holds a Marine museum that can be visited and Inhaca is home to about 300 bird species.

Welcome to Inhaca Island! Located 40km off the Maputo coastline, an inlet of the Indian Ocean is at the mouth of Maputo Bay (formerly known as Delagoa Bay). Dive in Inhaca’s coral reefs, explore underwater caves, or go wreck diving!

There are just so many things to do on Inhaca Island - it’s the perfect year-round holiday destination with, activities and areas to explore. If you are looking for an island holiday then Inhaca has it all. A popular destination for eco-tourists and researchers, Inhaca’s wide variety of habitats which include woodlands, evergreen forests, grass plains, and freshwater swamps are home to a wide variety of birds such as the Trumpeter Hornbill, Golden Rumped Tinker Bird, and Brimstone Canary.

The marine habitats such as mud and sand flats and mangrove swamps are home to the Greater Flamingo, Pink Backed Pelicans, Grey Herons, and the rare Mangrove Kingfisher.

For avid divers, Inhaca’s crystal clear water offers unsurpassed diving and snorkeling. The Coral Gardens (Barreira Vermelha) and reefs are just a short boat ride away where the waters are shallow and warm and perfect for novice snorkelers and divers – The Coral Gardens comprise a wall that is approximately 400 meters long and covered in hard and soft coral which attract a multitude of colorful tropical fish such as parrot fish, damsels, bannerfish, triggerfish, octopus, and lobsters; with the Hotel Reef being fairly flat and having more sandy patches. More advanced diving sites include Banco de China and the Santa Maria Reef which should only be attempted by experienced divers.

Here you will find an astonishing variety of marine life including the majestic Kingfish, turtles, rays, barracuda, and painted frogfish to name a few. The Baixo Danae Reef is further out to sea and has a variety of dive sites with caves and crevasses and one having the wrecks of two sunken ships which make for great exploring. For fishing enthusiasts, you are spoilt for choice.

Many of the lodges offer fishing charters with world-class fishing spots to choose from where catches include Marlin, Tuna, Barracuda, Dorado, and Kingfish. Other excursions include a visit to the Marine Biology Museum where visitors can learn about the island's marine life and a trip to the Inhaca Lighthouse towards the Northern tip of the island. After lunch, you might want to spend the afternoon at leisure, after traveling for 10 days, or have a massage, facial or manicure-pedicure!

Overnight at Guest Lodge.

Day 11: All Meals Included!

After breakfast prepare for a Dune Walking Trail that is easily accessible from the lodge that will give you magnificent views of the beach and the lodge. The trail starts just past the office. On the dunes, you will immediately notice the shade-cloth barriers. Machangulo Beach Lodge is working very hard to rehabilitate the storm-damaged dune to our south, these barriers are designed to protect plants from the wind and we hope to reestablish the lush forests on the dunes.

There are many other beaches, dunes, and forests to explore in the area. After lunch- for Portuguese Island and do a lot of exploring, with a local guide. (Activity subject to Dhow availability) This trip can also be taken as a Sunset Cruise!

Overnight in Guest Lodge.

Day 12: All Meals Included!

After breakfast prepare for Santa Maria Bay and Estuaries Dhow Cruise The estuaries and bay between Inhaca Island and Santa Maria Village can also be explored by Dhow. A romantic sail around the bay with a traditional hand-built wooden Dhow- for 2 hours. (Activity subject to Dhow availability) This trip can also be taken as a Sunset Cruise

After a healthy local-traditional lunch do a Santa Maria Village Tour This is a great opportunity to experience local living by visiting the small village of Santa Maria. Enjoy a scrumptious lunch at the local restaurant Bemugi’s Place. Machangulo Beach Lodge is committed to the improvement of the quality of life of our local community and the stimulation of local business.

As a part of our community improvement project, we provide free Santa Maria tours to all of our guests and we hope that you will help us and the community by supporting the local businesses.

Inhaca Village Tour Take the boat from Machangulo Beach Lodge to Inhaca Village and stop at the jetty or the beach at the Hotel on Inhaca Island. The boat journey takes about 25 minutes and is well-sheltered from the waves. Take a stroll on the beach to the village with your guide and explore the areas. The village is home to many little shops, a little market, and Lucas’s Restaurant, a great place to enjoy local food and drink.

Overnight at Guest Lodge.

Day 13: All Meals Included!

Hire a Dhow and go exploring the coastline, with a packed lunch for the day or snorkeling – Inhaca Island, is one of our most popular activities! The Inhaca Island Marine Reserve has 2 km of pristine snorkeling and the Picnic Snorkel on the island is HIGHLY recommended, one of our favorite activities. During neap tide days (please check tides at the activities center) there is also great snorkeling right in front of the lodge. The use of the snorkeling gear for this is free Minimum of 2 persons, 3 hours. (Snorkeling Inhaca Picnic) Mangrove Kayaking.

The diverse biospheres surrounding Machangulo Beach Lodge team with epic nature, waiting to be explored. What better way to do this than in a kayak? Paddling through the estuaries and the bays or even on the offshore reefs promises some amazing encounters with nature. If you are lucky, the dolphins might even come to say hi!

Overnight at Guest Lodge.

Day 14: All meals-Included!

After breakfast, catch an early Dhow cruise or Ferry cruise back to Maputo and do a guided walking tour through the city of Maputo, the Capital of Mozambique! Visit all historical sites and have lunch with the locals in a popular tavern/pub. After lunch venture along the dockyard and see ferries transporting trucks, cars, and people, along one of the busiest waterways in Africa! In the late afternoon head back to the lodge, freshen up and experience Traditional Mozambican food, and venture out to enjoy the nightlife of Maputo!

Overnight in Maputo.

Day 15: All Meals Included!

Today we fly to Johannesburg (JHB) airport.


Please advise Nationality, as certain countries have Visa restrictions.

Cost is based on a minimum – of 2 people!


All Airport Transfers x 2
All Accommodations
Drive Guide + Vehicle
2 x Domestic Flights- Mozambique-only!
1 x Ferry Ride
All Meals- 3 x per day
2x Bottled water per day
1x Nightlife Experience with Guide


Personal Insurance + Expenses
All Activities
All Alcoholic +Soft Drinks
Tips to Guide + Porterage
Johannesburg and return Flight

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